999 Emergency Response For Your Storage Tanks

A true story...

(The names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Does this sound familiar? 

A client (let’s call him John) phoned us in a panic a 4pm on a Friday to say that his tank had burst.

This was not an insignificant tank: it was 5m in diameter, 10m high, and played a critical role in his production process.

John needed it back online within 24 hours, as the company was losing money for every hour that it was out of action.

His management and the water authority were breathing down his neck - to say John was stressed out is an understatement!

And did we mention that the tank was not on mainland UK and required a 2½ hour ferry trip to get there?

So, John’s first call was to The Big Tank Guys.

The clock was ticking, and in that last hour available of the working week, we had everything in place to solve the problem, including:

  • Specialist materials were sourced;
  • All the required paperwork was in place: risk assessment, method statements, COSHH, personnel credentials, etc.;
  • Travel arrangements finalised: ferries, hotels, transfers, etc.;
  • Mobilise The Big Tank Guys Emergency Task Force;

Cutting to the chase, the tank was back online by 12 midday on Saturday - less than 24 hours after his first call....

(And that's even after our van was immobilised on the way to the ferry after being in a collision with a car driven by a confused foreign tourist who drove straight across a junction without giving way.)

John could breathe again: his management team were ecstatic that everything had been done so quickly. 

They were even more delighted when they learned that another 15 years of operational life had been added to the tank!

Downtime had been kept to a minimum and the water authority was off their back.

The Big Tank Guys helped John when he needed us most, and we’ll help you, too.

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