In response to a rapidly changing world with ever increasing budgetary and environmental constraints, there is a very real requirement to “make do and mend”.

By refurbishing existing tanks and bunds, whether they’re made of steel, concrete or plastic, Formatank’s lining systems can provide a cost effective solution to your containment, protection and corrosion problems.

Probably the most cost effective tank lining system on the market, our GRP linings are applied by hand-lay or spray deposit technique using materials specific to tank contents.

The finished product offers a high impact, chemical and corrosion resistant material capable of accommodating structural movement with a life expectancy of 20 years.

Our polyurethane based lining system offers outstanding physical properties in terms of flexural and tensile strength, with high impact and abrasion resistance.

Approved for use in public water supplies with DWI regulation31 certification, Formatank use this lining system on tanks, valves, and fittings for holding or transporting drinking water.

Repairs to in-situ tanks with little or no disruption to existing plumbing.

We understand that down time costs money, so were always prepared to work with our customers to ensure that down time is kept to a minimum.

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