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Why Formatank for Food and Beverage Storage?

Formatank can reline and create tanks in accordance with international food and beverage safety standards. Therefore with their bespoke nature, are suitable to be used for any product which will be consumed.

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  • Global delivery across Europe and beyond

  • Specialists in design, manufacturing, and restoration of GPR components

  • Speed of delivery

  • No cap on tank capacities

  • Thermal limitations range depending on your required substance

  • A better alternative to steel – GRP tanks are 70%-80% lighter than steel, better for the environment, easier to maintain, non-conductive properties and are cheaper to create. Steel is harder to source and has greater costs and limitations as opposed to GPR tanks.

  • Able to hold substances such as ethanol, dry goods and wet goods, water and waste.

  • Formatank can carry your needs from enquiry, creation, installation, commission and maintenance – they will do it all.

Food and Beverage Tank Services

Man painting a food storage tank inside

GRP Tanks

Bespoke size and shape designed through CAD in house.

Can be made as one whole tank or able to travel in small and awkward spaces.

Tank Liners

Qualified for confined entry.

Relining systems can provide a cost-effective solution to your containment, protection and corrosion problems.

Bespoke relining solutions depending on your requirements (dry goods, wet solutions, corrosive qualities, temperature of storage etc.).

Tank Accessories

Ductwork which is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with DW/154, with no restrictions on duct diameter.

Covers can be tailor-made to fit already existing tanks, as well as new ones. These are of a quality that will contain whatever you require; for example, this is a common solution for odour control.

Qualified Civil Engineering team, allowing them to complete any required groundwork construction prior to your tank being installed.

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Confined entry trained for any environment by a team who are SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety) trained and IOSH qualified (The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

Quick turnaround period for inspections.

Quality inspecting, EEMUA qualified tank inspector (Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association), therefore resulting in meeting standards and saving money.

Asset Management


Less waste produced through relining and restoration older and used tanks.

Creation of new tanks by us have a long-lasting lifespan.


The money saved on relining in Formatank’s past experiences range from thousands to millions with long lasting lifespans depending on the type of tank and their use.

Proper care of tank ensures no waste of products, which could be costly to business.

International Standards

Since 2012


years added to the life of existing tanks


Saved businesses

£ m

million in costs


GRP Linings save


in replacement costs



years of experience


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