Forma Tank


Formatank Ltd was called upon by Scottish Power to repair one existing moulded GRP tank, measuring 11x2x3M, which was a leaking fire sprinkler. This job was located at their Cruachan Power Station, hidden one mile beneath the serene Scottish Mountain, Ben Cruachan.

The Hydro Power Station is built into the hollowed-out rock of the mountain (which has been used in various TV/movie scenes, including Star Wars!) and is one of only four pumped storage power stations in the UK.

Scottish Power informed Formatank that the GRP fire sprinkler tank has been leaking for some time. Repair attempts had been made previously by others, including the tanks creators, by stripping apart the problematic tank panels and fitting new ones, to no avail. This job took one week on site.


Formatank provided a GRP liner solution, which effectively creates a tank-within-a-tank. Using a spray deposit technique to apply the liner to the tank’s walls and floor ensures a consistent application eliminating all the seams/joints with the potential for leaking water.

Issues and success

The unusual location of being one mile inside a mountain created stringent health and safety requirements, however, these working environments were all taken in Formatank’s stride.

The matter of an efficiently working fire sprinkler in any facility is paramount. With a temporary water storage solution in place, Formatank had the tank drained, cleaned, lined, tested and back in operation within a week.

Ending and cost

Formatank’s successful installation was delivered provided Scottish Power with peace of mind that the essential fire sprinkler tank will remain watertight for many more years to come; another tank would have cost Scottish Water around £80K.

This was a small early job, costing roughly £15K, and repairs were needed to keep the plant operational without significant disruption.

  • One week
  • Oban, Scotland
  • Water Industry
  • One existing moulded GRP tank measuring 11x2x3M
  • £14,000
  • Tank life expectancy increased by Ten years
  • Saved the cost of brand-new tanks: £90,000