Forma Tank


The sewage tanks are an integral part of the facility’s operations and have been in use for over 20 years, therefore had suffered severe damage through the decades. As with all tanks, there are varying factors which, over time, will cause adverse effects on the storage vessel both internally and externally. This job took one week on site.


Formatank conducted an external visual inspection of all three tanks, confirming the deterioration of the external tank walls and access hatches. Although deemed watertight, the worsening state of the existing flow coat finish was evident, as well as the external stiffening ribs de-bonding from the main tank structure.

Formatank raised concerns that the vessel may fail, causing interruption to production, timely costs and downtime if untreated.

Formatank’s solution began with a thorough external tank wall cleaning process to completely remove the peeling flow coat finish and expose the failing GRP reinforcement ribs.

Issues and success

Free movement on this site was onerous since it was a high-fire-risk oil industry site, and they always had to have someone from ExxonMobil shadowing them.

With the internal tank walls stripped, the new GRP coating was applied using a hand-lay technique to the entire wall surface of each of the vessels, fully encapsulating the stiffening ribs to the main walls in a single construction.

A heavy flow coat finish was re-applied to the newly GRP-lined walls, providing protection for the external tank walls against harmful UV rays and inclement weather.

Ending and cost

Formatank successfully refurbished all three tanks and extended the lifespan of these tanks.

This was a small job of roughly £15K, consisting of running repairs needed to keep the plant operational without significant disruption. Formatank, at an estimate, saved the client £90K in new tanks, as had these tanks burst, then emergency toilet facilities would have to have been drafted in for their staff to use.

  • One week
  • Fife, Scotland
  • Petrochemical
  • Three sewage tanks, need running repairs due to damage through the years
  • £15,000
  • Tank life expectancy increased by Five years
  • Saved the cost of brand-new tanks: £90,000