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GRP tanks (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics) are a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel and concrete tanks. All tanks can be fitted with tank furniture, including roofs, hatches, nozzles and odour control equipment.

Fabricated from an injection moulded GRP, these tanks are corrosion-free, with warranties of up to 20 years (municipal sludge) and up to 25 years (drinking water).

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Suitable for clean potable drinking water and water waste

Chemical holding tanks

Able to withstand numerous acids and chemicals

Marine life stockade

A variety of plants and animals that live in water for aquaculture

Loose material bunkering

Various dry materials


Formatank has partnered with the global leader in GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) tank manufacturing, Toro Equipment. Thousands of their GRP tanks hold millions of litres all around the world, including the UK, United States, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

They have a variety of turnkey tanks available if you require a standard size. This can be a good solution for clients who require an immediate turnaround to prevent financial and time loss.


Using in-house CAD system and years of experience, Formatank can create bespoke GRP tanks to fit your desired size and volume.

By applying their extensive knowledge, the team can ensure the correct tank material is selected depending on what substance is going to be stored.

The fiberglass storage tanks can either be created as one whole unit or individual parts to ensure they can be fitted on-site if required.

Key Features

  • Can deliver entire job from start to finish including all ground and construction work

  • In house CAD design can allow for any volume of tank to be created

  • Global delivery across Europe and beyond

  • External & Internal tank insulation available

  • Full range of standard tank furniture including hatches, vents, launder systems and spigots

  • A variety of high and low temperatures. Their expert team will provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

  • Dependent on the substance being stored, Formatank has the technology and knowledge to ensure you will meet industry standards

  • Bespoke tank material solutions to withstand corrosive chemicals, bunkering material or other harsh substances

Why Formatank

  • Formatank’s team design, create, deliver, install and test bespoke GRP tanks to suit each client’s specific requirements

  • Formatank can produce vessels that are formed as one-piece components or split down to manageable sizes for manoeuvring into restricted spaces

  • Tanks can be installed above ground or below ground, and certain offshore applications by Formatank’s expert team

  • Formatank also offer tank inspection services to ensure your tank reaches it maximum possible lifespan

  • Formatank’s GRP tanks are more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and longer-lasting than traditional concrete or steel tanks. This type of tank is accepted as the best practice for new tank installation throughout most industries.

  • Available for quick turnaround jobs, as well as long lead projects

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