Forma Tank


One of the UK’s largest cheese creameries, these works were part of a major sustainability project to produce bio-methane and will be the first dairy processing site in Europe to feed that gas into the gas grid. Formatank were appointed by Clearfleau, a leading AD provider for the food and beverage sector, commissioned to design, build and operate the facility to repair and restore the two whey and dairy waste storage tanks to their former glory.


Formatank conducted a thorough cleaning process to remove the debris and derogation built up on the internal tank walls over the two decades of use operation. An in-depth assessment is crucial to ensure structural and sanitary integrity. Performing ultra-sonic tests of the tank wall thickness is crucial to determine the necessary course of action for refurbishment.

Issues and successful ending

The tanks were full of many years’ worth of compacted silts (almost set like concrete). There was great difficulty removing the silts before starting to look at applying the GRP tank lining.

Additionally, the weather was temperamental (extreme rain one minute, then blazing hot summer sun the next), which made applying any coating very difficult.

The tanks were structurally suitable for Formatank’s skilled team to apply the 2-coat GRP liner to all tank walls and floors using a spray deposit technique to a thickness of 3mm.

The GRP liner laminates the existing tank wall providing a fresh and safe internal tank coating which can be back to the entire operation 48 hours after application.

Ending and cost

Formatank’s quality and cost-effective solution delivered significant CAPEX savings compared to the replacement cost (around £200K), extending the tanks life.

This was a small early job for Formatank, with costs in the region of £30K, and was scheduled as part of more extensive site construction.

  • Three weeks
  • Lake District, England
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Two existing steel tanks each measuring 7.5x7.5x4M
  • £30,000
  • Tank life expectancy increased by Ten years
  • Saved the cost of brand-new tanks: £200,000