Forma Tank

In response to a rapidly changing world with ever increasing budgetary and environmental constraints, there is a real requirement to “make do and mend”.

By refurbishing existing tanks and bunds, whether they’re made of steel, concrete, or plastic, Formatank’s lining systems can provide a cost-effective solution to your containment, protection and corrosion problems.

Tank Lining Experts

As one of the most cost-effective tank lining systems on the market, Formatank’s GRP linings are applied by hand-lay or spray deposit technique using materials specific to tank contents.

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Durable GRP Lining Solutions

The finished product offers a high-impact, chemical and corrosion-resistant material capable of accommodating structural movement with a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

Tank Lining Repairs

The Formatank team can repair in-situ tanks with little or no disruption to existing plumbing. They understand that downtime costs money, so they’re always prepared to work with their customers to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Formatank is one of the very few contractors in the industry that can deliver polyethylene and epoxy coatings and GRP liners. This allows the team to offer the best possible solution to their clients depending on the substance qualities that are being stored.

Key Features

  • Can deliver entire projects from start to finish in-house including inspection, maintenance, re-lining/coating and providing new GRP tanks and fittings

  • Global delivery across Europe and beyond

  • Refurbishment and repair of existing tanks and bunds: steel, concrete, or plastic

  • Formatank will repair your in-situ tank with little or no disruption to existing plumbing, their fastest turnaround in an emergency was 19 hours

  • Renewing tank and bund linings with GRP will save significant capital expenditure of thousands to millions dependant on the substance and age of the tank

  • Reducing the environmental impact of your company by prolonging the life of each individual tank

  • Bespoke lining solutions tailored to the substances being stored

Why Formatank

  • Qualified Tank Inspector can inspect your assets and report on the best solution tailored to your requirements

  • IOSH and SSTS trained, therefore is no need to source a site manager for Formatank services

  • Timely refurbishment with a GRP lining can save 80% of tank replacement costs

  • Technology to apply GRP lining by spray deposit or traditional hand lay technique

  • Formatank has a deep understanding of different types of surface preparation and how to manage these, ensuring the whole project is delivered to the highest standard

  • Formatank has knowledge of all the coatings unlike their competitors as have experience of numerous industries, therefore you receive the best possible solution.

  • Qualified for confined entry

“Timely refurbishment with Formatank’s lining systems can save 80% of tank replacement costs. Since 2012, we’ve added 2,500 years to the life of old tanks, and saved businesses an estimated £6 million”.

We have used Formatank to re-line our fire sprinkler tank at the Hillstreet Shopping Centre in Middlesbrough. I can confirm that Formatank have carried out the works to a high standard and in a professional manner, they complied with all Health & Safety rules and site-specific instructions. We found all staff to be helpful and completed the necessary works on time and were available for any queries that we may have had.

Colin Smith, Operations Manager, Hill Street Shopping Centre

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