Imtech Process Ltd employed the services of Formatank to reline four large HDPE odour control scrubbers in 2014 at Swansea Bay WwTW.

The four scrubbers, each measuring 3.5M diameter x 11M high, had been de-commissioned a few years earlier as a result of the welded plastic structures continually leaking dangerous chemical product. However, an increase in site capacity now required the scrubbers to either be replaced or repaired. Bringing these scrubbers back online would reduce odours being exhausted to the local environment.

Formatank Ltd rapidly refurbished two 6.5M3 hydrophore tanks which provide fresh water to the 300 strong crew on board a pipe lay and heavy lift ship.

Refurbishment works was carried out whilst the vessel was berthed in Gibraltar.

The engineers of the seabed-to-surface Engineering, Construction and Services Contractor noted deterioration of the coating, and walls of their fresh water storage tanks on board one of their 40+ fleet of ships, and relayed the diagnosis to Formatank.

Formatank Ltd delivered huge savings through the refurbishment of two 20 year old steel storage tanks at First Milk’s Aspatria Facility in rural Cumbria.

One of the UK’ s largest cheese creameries, these works were part of a major sustainability project to produce bio-methane and will be the first diary processing site in Europe to feed that gas into the gas grid.

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